About Me

What’s there really to say? I’m sarcastic. I’m eclectic.  I am fiercely loyal. I rarely get emotional and when I do it is usually anger. I love to laugh. I’m playful. If we are being brutally honest I am a contradiction.  While I believe in love, free-speech, etc etc. I do believe some people abuse the privilege and there are even more people that I believe should be swinging by their necks on the courthouse lawn. However, that is a story for a different post.

Let’s suffice it to say I am a work in progress.  An aspiring fiction novelist, a mom, a “sister”, an aunt, and I try very hard to be a decent Homosapien. Yeah, definitely a lot of work to do there. I never hold my tongue, unless I’m at work. Can’t be getting fired and all, who would pay the bills! I am a lover of music, I can’t say all music because Death Metal is just screaming and it pisses me off, like seriously, I want to go through whatever it is playing through and rip the vocal cords from the throat of the asshat that is screaming.

I’ll probably add more to this later.