So, since the layoff I have not been able to keep employment. I mean sure I am doing Lyft driving to pay bills, or was until COVID-19. I’ve had a few temp jobs. But nothing with any type of job security. I am so exhausted from the never ending job search.

The job I was just released from today was supposed to be temp to perm. They provided one day of training and gave us a fuck load of paperwork. The rules changed constantly, sometimes hourly. Today, I did nothing wrong, however, they call audited me. I had some mistakes. With training and coaching, I could have avoided those mistakes. Instead the first time they coached me they fired me.

Mistakes happen with all new employees, they are learning. That is why there is training and nesting before they are set free to be on the phones unsupervised. There is also coaching to assist them in becoming a better agent. This company has thrown all that out the window. They decided we should be on phones the second day, with only one day of training. They had us taking calls we weren’t trained to take and gave us no feedback on anything unless we flagged on of them down, then even they didn’t always have the answer.

These companies get away with this because 1. Ohio is an At Will work state. and 2. Because they truly don’t give a damn. People are just a number and are a commodity to them, especially now.

I hate to say it but the entire world needs this pandemic that we are going through. We need a reset button across the board. The unfortunate part of it is that people that are considered a commodity are going to have the hardest time. Those of us that are living paycheck to paycheck and those little mom and pop shops that were already having a rough time are going to truly suffer.  I can only hope that all the giant corporations and the 1% are hit just as hard so that there is true equality. I know it wont happen and it isn’t that I desire to wish bad fortune on anyone. It is that something, somewhere has to give so that everyone can be on equal footing and recover from life.

In that spirit, I propose that we resurrect the Barter & Trade system and we buy locally when and where possible. We hire people and properly train them and coach them to shape them into the employee you desire. Give job security. STOP THE HOARDING.

Yes, I am proposing a type of fucking Socialism, because it fucking works! You are ALL already socialist. Just own it and do the right fucking thing. I can hear it now: “I’m not a fucking socialist!” Yes, you are. If you have a social security card, if you receive medicare, if you drive on the roads, if you or your child attend(ed) public schools, if you have ever used Fire, Police, Ambulance, or the United States Postal Service, if you’ve ever flushed a toilet or used a sink drain, or even used the internet, YOU ARE A SOCIALIST.

Let’s do what we can to help one another. Life is hard enough on most of us, let’s not make it harder. Help your neighbor, or the homeless man that just wants a sandwich. That doesn’t mean give him cash, give him an old blanket in the back of your closet that you never use, so he can stay warm. Buy a 99 cent sandwich or better still, make him a sandwich and give it to him the next time you go for your walk.

Be the change you want to see in the world!


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