War with Iran

Is it WWIII? Is American going to war with Iran? Can I be drafted? These are a few of the questions I have heard over the last few days as the tensions have risen between the United States and Iran.  People are worried and Trump can’t shut the fuck up.

What started it all? So on December 27th,  a rocket attack killed a single US contractor in Kirkuk along with several Iraqi military personal.  On December 29th,  without congressional approval, Trump ordered a drone strike that killed  Qassem Soleimani. Based on the funeral turnout  he was beloved in Iran. Was he the person that caused problems since the 70s? Well, of course, however, did this 1 recent death and some 50 year old terrorism justify his assassination at the hands of the flake in the Oval Office?

Trump has been starting shit with a lot of countries since he took office. First it was Kim Jun-Un, then China, now Iran. He has alienated American Allies and  he is BFF’s with Russia who, make no mistake, is our enemy, cold war or no. He attempted to blackmail Ukraine into interfering with the upcoming US election by threatening to hold back and then holding back promised aid. He was forced to give aid a few hours later with nothing in return. 

This whole pissing contest with Iran, Trump stated he would commit war crimes by destroying cultural and heritage sites. The US Military stated they would not carry out those orders because it would be a war crime.

Wake up America, this mindless fool is not only ludicrous and believes himself a dictator, but he is also very dangerous. He believes he is above the law and so far, he has proven it. Yes he was impeached, in the house, but he is in collusion with the senate. He is a tantrum throwing toddler  and he is loud! If he gets reelected he will become the dictator he is trying to be and he is going to get us all killed. 

Now, to answer those burning questions:

There is currently no draft occurring.  All males ages 18 – 25 are required to sign up for selective service. However, starting a draft would require an act of congress. That act would have to be signed into law by Trump, we all know he would sign it. Although, congress is very unlikely to begin a draft act. The last draft was 48 years ago.

Are we going to war? As of right now it seems that someone has put a choke chain on the dog in the oval. He truly sounded as if he were in physical pain when reading the press release about tension with Iran and the response over the Iran missile attack against Iraqi bases housing US troops. You could hear it just under her voice, he wanted to scream and throw a fit and announce a war on Iran. But he did not. Tensions are still running very high, the next few  days, weeks, and months will determine what will come.

To become WWIII several things would have to happen. First, the US or Iran would have to attack, both seem to be appeased for the moment. Second, The war would have to be bad enough that some other major countries jump in on one side or the other. That has not happened. However, if a war does happen, the US will be all alone defending themselves from the rest of the world because Donald Trump has alienated all of our allies with his big fat cum-dumpster of a mouth.

America, we are NOT the world’s police force! WE need to clean up our own yard instead of shitting in someone’s desert on the other side of the world.

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