Joys of Adulthood

Yes, the title is sarcasm. So much has been happening lately in such quick succession. Okay, you guys know I was laid off last Wednesday. I have spent the past week putting in resume after resume. I have done a few phone interviews, applied for unemployment, etc. Well, one of the phone interviews led to an in-person interview.

I was on my way home from that interview yesterday and my tire pressure light came on. Of course I stopped at a tire place, paid $5 for the guy to check the pressure (was going to replace a tire) and he put air in all my tires and said they were just a couple lbs low, all of them. My check engine light came back on, so I have to buy a damn O2 sensor and put it on my car. I grab lunch, and come home because screw the rain/snow. Then I realized I needed to go to the stupid store and get a few things.

So I go back out in the cold rain-snow mix and get what I need. I get home and just start warming up and my phone rings. I have another interview with another company scheduled for Monday. My phone rings again and I was offered the job I did the two interviews for, starting Monday. It rings a third time with another interview request. Finally, I order dinner, and I am working on a dreamcatcher. I am just hanging out, doin my thing, and it couldn’t have been more than 10 minutes after my food arrives, my phone rings again.

It was my kid. Stuck on the side of the interstate out of gas. I am pissed now because I have to go back out in the cold, wet, grossness and rescue him. Now let me explain why that pissed me off. My son, who was a virgin and 20 yrs old,  decided a couple months ago there was this girl he just could not live without. She was living at her mother’s and being kicked out.

This girl is 21 yrs old. Has a 2 yr old daughter by one man, has a 1 yr old son by another man, and is pregnant by a 3rd man. None of these men are my son.  I spent almost 500 dollars that I shouldn’t have getting her up here. Mostly because her mother started talking shit about my kid.

This girl has 0 clue how to be a parent, nor does she want to. She leaves her kids in dirty diapers all day and then wonders why they have diaper rash. When she does change their diapers she throws the diapers all over the floor in the house and leaves them. She doesn’t know how to cook. She doesn’t clean. And this little hoe decided to get loud and disrespectful towards me in MY house. I went the fuck off. She is no longer allowed in my house. She is no longer allowed to speak to me.

I told my son last night that getting him gas and off the interstate is the very last time I am going to help him until he gets rid of her.

Let me digress to point out another fact. This girl caused conflict between my son and myself a couple months ago by getting him to believe in something so racist that I gave him 5 days to get it together and think for himself or I was going to completely disown him. It took him 4 days.

Racism disguised as heritage is still fucking racism.

I have told him everyday since she decided to get loud with me, y ‘all know I didn’t let her get away with it, that he needs to get rid of her. I will not even allow him to wash her laundry in my house.

Anyway, I start my new job Monday, I updated my unemployment application to reflect I had a job beginning on Monday, and claimed this past week for unemployment.  In the meantime, I have several projects I am starting.

I have started some herb seeds. I have ordered a lb of unwashed raw wool, which I am going to extract the lanolin from and make a test batch of herbal healing salve. I have purchased pretty much everything I need to make dreamcatchers, and I am making my own spirit board. I am waiting on the Dremel I ordered to get here today. I did buy some chisels to carve the wood, but and this could just be not knowing how to use them or the type of carving I am trying to do, I cannot get them to bite into the wood.

Basically, I am eventually going to put all the things I am making on my website for sale. Depending on how things come out, I would like to open my own little “everything” shop and just work for myself. I know you guys are thinking “Why?” Well, I am sick of making everyone else rich with my bubbly fucking phone voice. I am so tired of talking on phones and being stuck at a desk 8 hour or more a day.

I began following my dreams last year with my legal name change. I feel that I should keep to that and follow my dreams as long as I am able. Yes, I will work this 40 hr a week job to pay the bills until things take off for me, but, there is 0 harm in planning, and actively working towards what I want.

Anyway, I know there is a lot of shit going on in this post, so thanks for hanging in there with me and reading it.  Now it is time to shower, get dressed, run errands, and take the fucking world by storm! Have a great day my peeps!

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