The Shock

I am still in shock and I can’t help but think it is personal. On 10/30/19 I was half way through my workday and had a one on one scheduled with my team manager. I figured (since I hadn’t had a one on one for over a month)  that she was going to give me my metrics, areas I needed to improve and tell me great job for clearing 500 call audits (which I would have by Thursday). Instead she told me I was laid-off.

I was completely dumbfounded. I couldn’t speak. She said it was because I had the highest error rate of all the call auditors. Now here is where it falls apart. Since my yearly review in June when I received a raise, every time I would ask, she would tell me I had the lowest error rate. I would ask 2-3 times a month what my error rate was and would be told it was less than 1/2 a percent.

On 10/02/19 she allowed someone to post in our main chatroom a gif about “Doing God’s Work”. I replied with “I am an atheist”. She said “Way to bring the room down, Stormy”. I let it go but I took a picture of it just in case I needed it. She started cliques among the auditors. She ignored my questions unless I asked them in a private chat.

personal attack.jpg


When we were promoted to the call auditing positions and she got the auditor managing position over me we were both told that I was to be her right hand, that I would do both auditing and make patient calls when needed. I was to help her update the auditing process so that what we audited would be relevant to the calls. Every suggestion I made she ignored. Every time another auditor would ask a question and I would give the correct answer, she would contradict me.  She allowed people that knew nothing about call auditing to make changes their first day auditing.  She stopped having one on one meetings with me to go over my metrics in August.

After I signed and returned my severance agreement, I realized that it stated that I had known about the layoff for 45 days before it happened. I quickly sent an email to HR explaining that that part of the agreement was false. No, I do not plan on suing the company. However, I wanted a record stating that I had no prior knowledge of the layoff just in case any legal actions take place in the future.


So now I am working on finding a new job, signing up for unemployment, and trying to not have a panic attack while I worry about how I am going to maintain my car note, housing, phone, electric, insurance, rent, gas, etc.

While yes, I am an Indie Author, that does not pay the bills. I have already applied to about 80 jobs in my field. I am getting ready to go back to one of my previous blogs and pull jobs from there to apply to. I am going to clean my house from top to bottom today after I apply to about 50 more jobs. I also have to wait until tomorrow to revoke my application for unemployment in Ohio, where I live, and complete my unemployment application for California where the company I worked for is based.

The good new? You guys will hear from me a bit more often.

Something most companies do not consider when they have layoffs, most of the people working for them that they layoff have only one source of income and that they have just taken away their livelihood. I’ve never been in this situation before and at first I was so shocked and panicked at the thought of not having an income that I could not do say much when it happened. I did immediately go into action printing off as many check stubs as I could, starting the application for unemployment, and updating my resume.

My heart goes out to everyone that has been in this situation. I have been learning a lot. The biggest lesson, if you live in a state that is at will employment, join a fucking Union if you have the option and always be on the lookout for a new career. Do not get comfortable in your job.

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