Life is so weird sometimes

So things have gotten strange. I moved into a new place. I can cook and I have a sunroom. Once it is all set up it is going to be nice. The strange is this: I have a new neighbor and this dude is for some reason deciding that he wants to fuss and fight with me and cause trouble.  Dude, just know I WILL win. I do not, nor have I ever played fair. I may look like I am playing ball but I am playing it by my rules.

My 20 year old son has decided to make me an instant grandmother. He is dating and living with a girl that is pregnant and has 2 toddlers… Woof, what a load of responsibility he has undertaken. It’s going to either make him the best version of himself or it is going to break him. Either way, I love him and he will have to figure it out. The kids are cute, but as I told them, I am out of the baby phase, I will watch them once in a while and they can come visit but I am not a babysitter, this is my time. His girl is really sweet but her family… Don’t even get me started.

I got a raise at work last month and I haven’t really been writing or anything lately. In fact, I will be working on my book some more soon. I need to figure out a new plot though. I lost focus of what I wanted it to be. Just too many stories and too many characters in my head and they started blending together.

Now the important stuff. I have a few things I am considering getting back into, so many projects in my brain lol. But candle making, making ointments, salves, and the like, growing and selling herbs (No not weed haha).  Along with a few other things. My plan is to eventually be able to open a shop for everything I create, give it each its own section and quit my regular job. That is a while down the road though. How cool would that be?!?!

It would basically be a Wiccan/BDSM/Tattoo store haha, remember I did say things were strange.  However, pizza shops sell chicken, subs, cheesecake, and all sorts of crap. So why can’t I do this!?!

Okay peeps, that is enough for today. Obviously my ADHD is having fun so I am going to jump out of here and work on other things.


Published by: Stormy Jordan

I am an Indie Author. Currently working on several books all at the same time. I also have a full time 40 hour a week career. No one desires to be a starving artist. My personal website is currently down. However, it should be back up and running in a couple of days. The best advice I can give anyone is; Do not lose your voice, it is all we truly have in this crazy world.

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