Women’s Suffrage

Yes, this whole blog is about to be all about what I like to call Pro-Fuck Off You Have No Rights to my Body. Our ancestors fought for 74 years to ensure that women were regarded as people and not property.  We have not even had that Right for 100 years and yet here we are in 2019 having to fight all over again for the Right to be a person.

What is Women’s Suffrage, well, I am glad you asked. I watched a video last night that made me realize the vast majority of women have no idea what this War Cry means. I created this meme so that I could plaster it all over the internet.60674807_10214126758384705_2953239772090335232_n

Having been given this knowledge now, there is something else I want you all to understand. There are women in America that believe women should not have any Rights.  There are only a few reasons for this.

  1. They were raised in ultra conservative households and strictly, blindly follow the beliefs of their current living/marriage situation .
  2. They are ignorant (uneducated).
  3. They are truly fucking stupid.
  4. They are over the age of 50.

The woman that signed Alabama’s Abortion Bill into law is 74 years old with no children. Take a moment here to consider what that means. It’s like an IT tech trying to frame a house with n blueprints. This is a complete lack of reality. The majority of these women are loyalist to the 1%. These bills are nothing more than religious doctrine being shoved down our throats by our government. Let me also add that our government fled to American to be free from religious persecution. The Founding Fathers created a little document I like to call the US Constitution to ensure the separation of church and state along with many other freedoms.

There will be more added to this but for now my battery is dead.


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