The Religion of Steak

Today I am going to take a moment to honor a friend of mine and his steak theory. Why you ask. It makes sense when you think about it. So without further ado, here is K’s thoughts on religion and steak. We hope you enjoy it.

We all, well most of us, like steak. So let’s discuss how steak and religion are similar. Religion and steak both need to be prepared. There are an almost infinite amount of methods to prepare both. Bone-in, bone-out, T-bone, NY Strip, London Broil and many other cuts or sects where religion is concerned.

Now you need to decide on how you want to season it before it’s cooked. Are you bare bones salt and pepper person? Do you like garlic? Or are you a marinate in wet or dry rub kind of person? Do you like tenderizer? What limits are you willing to place on your steak (or self/religion)?

How long should it cook? Do you just love Blue Steak or are you the person that enjoys burning a beautiful cut of meat? Remember those aren’t your only options, there is an entire gray area here to play with in between those such as medium rare or medium well.  Pick carefully because if you cook it too long you may not like the flavor.

Do you like a baked potato with your steak or are you the ketchup and fries type? Maybe you prefer no sides and the steak is your entire meal. Or perhaps it’s surf and turf with no veggies.

Which type of steak do you prefer? Beef, Tofu, fish, lamb, alligator, bean?  There are people that hate steak. There are also people that believe it is wrong to eat any form of steak because it represents cruelty.

The problem is that no matter who you are or what you prefer, you believe your way is the only correct way to eat a steak. Personally,  if I am eating a steak made of beef, I like it any range from blue to medium rare. If it is cooked beyond medium rare, I will not eat it because to me that is burnt, flavorless, and tough to cut or eat. However, while I may give my opinion to other people about their steak, I do not tell them that their methods are wrong.

It is all about preference and opinion. Steak is just as much a personal choice as religion is.  As you grow and evolve so does your taste or desires. Life experiences teach you different ways to enjoy many things.  I want you to consider if someone told you that you could only eat your steak the way they prepare it. Now, if you enjoy a good bloody steak with no A-1 or any other sauce and they force you to eat your steak well-done with ketchup for the rest of your life, you aren’t going to be happy. In fact, you will grow to hate steak because of that.

You have to decide your religion or lack thereof for yourself. Not what someone else forces you to eat.  If we would all stop stuffing and forcing our opinions down other’s throats the world would be a better place.

Thanks for the analogy, K. I felt it needed to be heard by more than just the few people that watch either of our vlogs.


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