Attitude Adjustment

Yesterday was just … Ugh. Perhaps it’s just me being an Aries, perhaps it is just people doing stupid shit. I have been so irritated this whole week. I dislike the holiday season, long story. However, it is more than just the holidays that have me irritated.

I have zero tolerance for useless people and let’s face facts, there are a lot of useless people in the world. Here are a few examples: My son’s father. I finally got a tiny amount of child support from him after 20 years and he immediately quit his job so I would get no more child support payments.

This stray that my roommate brought home. Sure he takes out the trash,  takes my dog out and has him all off of his schedule, and does my laundry (incorrectly). However, he also only speaks to me when he wants something. Can you unlock the door so I can get in, can you smoke a bowl with me, can I have coffee, do you have any money I can borrow. Like fuck, get a goddamn job man. I don’t get my shit for free. Then wants to try to lay guilt trips on me. Anyone who knows me knows that shit don’t work. He actually tried to call me a punk the other night. One day I may show him how much of a punk I am. You don’t talk trash to someone you don’t know.

Another prime example, my friend JE, that I was telling you guys about… He called me last night after he was able to bring his child home and told me how her mother was at the hospital with them and after the family counseling session she looked at him and said “Why is she tattling on me, why is she doing this to me…” and a bunch of other all about her bullshit. Like Bitch, your 12/13 yr old daughter told you a week ago she wanted to kill herself and you did fucking nothing and now you want to make this about you too. get the fuck out. Then she turned around after the child was released to her dad and grandparents and said “Fine, I just wont ever be around my kids again.” Well, first of all hoe, that may be the best thing you could do for them. However, fucking man up and be a fucking parent and stop being a self-absorbed assclown.

And don’t even get me started on this Chump Goverment mess.

Am I just being a bitch? I don’t think so, these are legitimate reasons to be angry.  I have always believed that ignorance can learn and stupidity cannot. I am so disappointed at how many people in the world are actually stupid. Common fucking sense is a thing. Use it!

Then the other day, and I think this may be what began my bad attitude toward the stray, this muthafucka looks at me and says that he was at the welfare office all day applying for benefits. Dude, you are a grown man with no custody of your children and are perfectly capable of working. Welfare is for people with children and jobs that are struggling and need a little extra help. It’s for people that truly cannot work because of legitimate disabilities.

Now let me be very clear on this point, I am all for welfare. Hell, I used it when my son was still a kid, I needed the medical and with no child support, and a 10$ an hour job to support him on, I needed help. I was a single parent doing it on my own. As soon as my child turned 18 I declined the help. I made him get a job and then made him move out a year later. I was able to find a better job and I split bills with my best friend.

But these asshats that jump on welfare simply because they don’t want to work, well bitch now you are working 40 hrs a week and getting a check monthly for 300$. Congrats, you are now making $1.87 per hour. How fucking stupid are you?!?!

I don’t know about the rest of you but my time is worth a hell of a lot more than that!

Okay, enough ranting for now. I should really go work on Gagged and hang my clothes up haha. I hope you guys have a fantastical Sunday (yes, I, a grown and educated woman, just said fantastical. Have you guys not noticed I like making up my own words?).



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