Virgin, Holloween, Great Guy

Ahahaha, Yes, I know I am not a virgin where sex is concerned. However, until last weekend, I was a Haunted House virgin. JJ busted my cherry! HAahahaha. We went to the Blood Prison (Mansfield Reformatory), I have never before been to anything like that. No haunted houses or anything.

I had SOOO much fun!!! We got touch passes at the last minute and I was not sorry.  We got lube smeared in our faces, squirted in the face with water, people kept grabbing me. The only part where I thought I might have to throw fists was when I was shoved in a cell and 3 men were in there with me surrounding me. JJ was right at the door in an instant. I did not hit them. It was the hardest thing ever but I didn’t hit them.

I got some fantastic photos of the outside. A few of some of the characters. 3 of the photos have a beam of light in them that JJ, who does not believe in the supernatural, swears is a spirit. No other camera flashes were going off, there were no lights, it is an unexplained beam of light going from the ground to the wall.

Our passes are good for a full year to do a self-guided tour of the entire prison. I cannot wait to go back and look at all the architecture in the daytime and take photos inside the prison. It was amazing!

I found out afterward that it was that specific prison that The Shawshank Redemption was filmed in. After the haunted tour, we went to the gift shop and bought a few keepsakes. We took a couple more photos and before we came home the next day we drove around the outside of the prison and took pictures of it during the day.

It literally looks like a castle. The Zombie looking woman is actually a woman and is 6′ 7″ tall.


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