I have missed you guys! I was dealing with a migraine and missed hours at work so I had to make them up. I was working 10 hours days for the previous 2 weeks and this week was normal hours. By the time I was getting off work I did not want to look at a computer any longer.

On the plus side, I just got the first copies of BOUND in paperback delivered to me yesterday!! It is everything I hoped it would be. I am so happy with it and so proud of it. I will be having a professional review done soon. When I do I will post it on my website and on here.

If you guys have not yet purchased your copy of BOUND go grab it! For a limited time purchasing the paperback will give you the opportunity to purchase the Kindle book for 99 cents.  I love the cover! It is so smooth and satin-like, the words feel embossed on it.

My website is still a work in progress. I will probably do some more coding on it over the weekend. It needs something…spectacular.  I am not sure what that is just yet but I will figure it out. Lol. I hope you all have had a great couple of weeks.

I really want to spend the weekend vegging out. However, there is much to be done. The new book Gagged needs to be compiled into chronological chapters because right now it is worse than a Quentin Tarantino Movie with its back and forth from past to present and back again.  I need to write n it more as well, it is just over 18k words.

It will be a fiction novel once complete. It will also have some crazy plot twists.  Keep an eye on the blog and my website for more information!


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