Longest day ever!

Today has been so very long and I am so tired and in pain. However, the majority of my stuff is in storage so the hooker in the next room can’t steal anything else. I think next weekend I will be buying a deadbolt for my bedroom door.

I can finally walk through my bedroom, though, which is nice. OG’s cage is against a wall now instead of in the middle of the room. I have a lot of trash to take out. Broken totes, empty boxes, and the like.

RR came over last night and brought me the sawhorse and the o-ring hitches. He even had the foresight to bring me bolts and nuts, which I forgot to consider. I handed him his flogger and he was instantly in love. Now he wants to purchase one from me.  I have considered telling him to just buy me the leather and I will make it. I made one that is blue and black, I posted a picture of it yesterday, I believe. It has two different size falls and when he saw it he fell in love with it too. He said the next one he gets he wants it to be created just like that but with heavier leather.

When I gave M her flogger for the toy she was so excited and happy with the craftsmanship. It makes me smile to know that the torture devices I create bring so much joy to others.

I need to give K a personal shoutout because he did most of the work in my room. He packed everything I wanted in storage, made two trips, and put it all in the storage unit all nice and neat. I say he did most of the work because he truly did. My “Not broken” broken foot is throbbing very hard today and I can barely walk.

However, the hospital says I am lying and that there is nothing wrong with me. I express my deepest bodily harm desires to the quack that told me that. Well not exactly to him more like in front of him when I called RR to pick me up.

I need and am trying to get laundry done but of course, someone that pays no bills is taking up my dryer. I have considered throwing all her shit on the floor because I am a petty bitch when I want to be. However, I think once my laundry is finished I will just pack up my washer and dryer and put them in the storage unit also. I’ll do that next weekend. I don’t mind going to a laundry-mat (No I will not call it by its stupid ass actual name, because it is …well..stupid).

Yeah, pretty safe to say I am just fucking done with that bitch and her thieving, lying, good for nothing knuckle dragging STD having ass. The dominant in me wants to grab her by the fucking hair and force her to submit, in front of everyone and then crop her until she bleeds. Or maybe that is the sadist in me. Anyway, the part of me that enjoys not being locked up in jail, the part of me that is potty shy, will not allow me to do what needs to be done because I am 98% sure that this cock-mongling gutter slut cumdumpster will call the cops.

And wtf, I saw a news article today claiming that Christians believe that the only priest that rape children are gay. Can America get any more stupid!?!?!?! Why is it illegal to kill people that are that stupid? It should be considered a mercy.


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