What now?!?

Now that BOUND is up for review and set for pre-order and being edited, I am sure that you guys are wondering what’s next.

Well, now I am working on a fiction thriller novel. I am only 18,000 words in so far but I love it. It is a bit to Quentin Tarantino-esque for me so I am going through and putting the chapters in the order they should be rather than the order they have come to me in. That is taking a bit of time.

However, it is well worth the read. Abuse, Murder, Dirty Sex, more Murder, and a fantastic heroine that may not make it out alive!

Also, yesterday in the postal mail I received a letter showing the ad that ran in the local paper for my name change. Can you say over-excitement! Now what to choose as my writing brain food for the day… Pizza? I’m a bit pizza’d out… I don’t want a burger, had Chinese last night… Hmm… I’d like a steak but the vehicle is not at home right now. C has it at work :@ and won’t answer my calls … Fluffy fucking bastard.

Oh on a different note, this weekend I am going to pack up a bunch of my crap and put it in storage and make room in my room lol. Seriously, can barely walk through it.  I will also be able to take some photos to include in BOUND. Okay, pizza it is.

Feel free to leave a review, visit my website, or even pre-order your copy of BOUND!


I will talk with you guys more over the weekend.


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